They failed to escape

And that’s why they are living the lives they never thought of.




If your art is making you afraid to show it to the world,

Then you better need to show it at once.




Sad to live in a world where least valued thing has become this human life..

Where Syria bleeds,

People get slaughter,

And you only cry words!

Where blood flows and takes the form of rivers,

Children scream cry call but in a deaf’s world,

And you only cry words?


You are living in such world

Where flowers are scared to grow

Where mountains are sad and skies have grown old..

And you?

You still cry words!!

While a part of this same world bleeds and mourn. 


Type a message…



Why we all have to transform much?

That much?

Are these transformations good for us? All of them?


Not all, some transformations are obvious but some are unexpected.

And these unexpected transformations hurt us more than anything in our lives

People think that we have willingly transformed into something we are today!

But only we know, how unexpected it was to be transformed into something that even we ourselves never thought of..


They think I have changed myself because I have been through some bad days of my life

But they don’t know how painful it was to seeing me transforming into something I had never wanted to,

No escape

No end

I killed myself number of times! 

Because transformations are painful

You can’t tell people how exactly you are feeling

You just keep transforming!

Even you yourself don’t know what is happening to you

Speechless transformation!

And people think you have changed a lot.


No Escape.

Bunch of withered flowers

Broken mirror

Windows and clock

Old shoes toys but not for use


Bad conditioned newspapers books918.

Faded walls and photographs

Why you have no escape?

Because I never tried to find any.

And why this?

Because I have been trying to find lives in them.